DIY Wood Desk, How To Go About It -

DIY Wood Desk, How To Go About It

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Rather than having to shell out hundreds of dollars and even more on a brand new desk, it is always a good idea to go for a DIY wood desk. Of course, you would be required to have the requisite carpentry experience, and with it, you should be able to fashion out a beautiful desk. If you do not have the necessary knowledge, then you can start with a simple desk. It should be reasonably easy for your first carpentry project. Just check out the various notes and suggestions posted below,


The first thing that you need to do is to get the measurements right. Try and guess where the desk would go and see if it can fit into the room with ease. You may also want to check online for the various types of wooden desks and choose one that seems simple. Get the measurements right, and doublecheck the same. You do not want to start building the desk only to learn that you got the measurements wrong. If you do not have room for a full desk, you can also go in for floating desks, but remember that the basic design must be simple.

DIY wood desk, how to go about it
DIY wood desk, how to go about it

DIY Wood Desk, Measurements

The standard desk is around 29-31 inches – you can round it off at 30. This should help make things easier but remember that any changes you carry out on one end, must be incorporated into the rest of the design.

DIY Wood Desk, Cut The Wood

Once you have got the measurements, you can go ahead and design a basic table from 2X6 or 2X4 boards. You need to make sure that you have got the right measurements. Once that’s done, you can go ahead and cut the wood accordingly. Do not worry too much about the rough edges at the moment. You would be clamping multiple boards, and once that’s done, you can shave off the sharp edges and help smooth it out.

Sand It

Once you have the rough table put together, all that’s left is to sand and stain it. You can go ahead and start sanding the wood. But remember that sanding is a process that can be a tad dusty. So make sure that you carry out the work either in the front yard, back yard, or your shed and remember to clean up at the end. Once the sanding is done, remember that you must leave at least 4/32 on the top. You can then get the staining done. The process is simple enough, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, you can always call in the professionals to handle this part.

DIY wood desk, how to go about it
DIY wood desk, how to go about it

With these suggestions, you should soon have a shiny, new desk for your study. Do remember that your modern desk would still require adequate care and maintenance. And do not leave hot or cold objects on the desktop as they would stain the same – make a point of using coasters for the same

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