Putting Wood On A Pedestal: The Rise Of Mid-Rise Podium Design

Putting Wood on a Pedestal: The Rise of Mid-Rise Podium Design

Podium design is very famous. It is a modern way of interior design. In building typology, horizontal divisions are between the upper and lower tower. The podium is using steel or concrete. Then it remains topped by wood-frames as stories. What exactly is podium or pedestal? Keep reading to find out.

Putting Wood on a Pedestal: The Rise of Mid-Rise Podium Design
Putting Wood on a Pedestal: The Rise of Mid-Rise Design

Information About Pedestal

In the upper structure, there are 4-5 stories, and they are residential units. These residential units are for residential purposes. The podium supports offices, commercial and retails. It also helps above or below-grade parking.

There are residential stories with a podium that offers to park as well. You can easily find these podium constructions if you Google the terms. These podiums are cost-effective and attractive. These designs are beautiful; therefore, you will not get enough of these designs.

The Reason Behind The Popularity Of The Podium Design 

As you already know, the podium design is famous. You don’t need any reasons to prefer it. But then, why is it popular? There are many reasons why this design has become popular. One of the reasons is that land cost is high; therefore, opting for podium designs helps to reduce the costs. The wood design helps the overall look of the construction.

Another reason is the lowered labor costs. If you are opting for wood constructions, you don’t have to deal with high labor costs. By choosing the podium design, carbon emission reduced because steel and concrete help to do it.

All these factors help the construction. This will speed up the overall structure. It helps to meet the high level of flexibility of the design. The podium construction is rising above and beyond. It would help if you didn’t think twice to prefer podium when constructing.

Putting Wood on a Pedestal: The Rise of Mid-Rise Podium Design
Putting Wood on a Pedestal: The Rise of Mid-Rise Podium Design

However, if you are interested in constructions, you should offer some thoughts to the podium design. As we have mentioned, these designs and structures are attractive and unique. You need not worry about the looks of the plan. There are excellent benefits that you can enjoy. Above all, there will be challenges and specific considerations when handing with design.


It is difficult to find an easy construction since most of them are complicated. The developers and architects focus on the design with interest. However, they are not ignorant about the value of the plan. One of the problems faced by architects is the limitations.

However, there are different styles, such as Type V or III, that come under the International Building Code. These styles subdivided, too. Expert builders and architects are aware of it. Therefore, they handle problems with their experience.

It’s an added factor if you focus on the level of expertise. Podium design is one such excellent design that people would fall in love with it. People feel happy by choosing this modern wood plan. It is always an added advantage to the people.

However, It is always good to consult the experts if you have any plan to go with the design. This helps you to discuss important things.

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