Strategies For Small Woodworking Projects -

Strategies For Small Woodworking Projects

Do you have some free time that you want to use productively? How about getting some extra cash from it? If yes, then the small woodworking projects are a straightforward and feasible solution for you. All you need is some recycled pallet wood, a few pieces of equipment such as saw, nails, hammers, etc., and some enthusiasm to take on this exciting project. More and more people have started to take woodworking projects as their livelihood. But you do not need to start it with a huge goal; instead, start small and start smart. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the strategies and some examples to undertake small woodworking projects that sell in 2019.

Strategies For Small Woodworking Projects

  • First of all, understand the different niches that are present in the market. It includes toys, bookshelves, decoration items, and so on. Choose a few slots according to your credibility or desire to make. As the saying goes, “an amateur has a lot of options, and a learned one has only a few.” You need to make a firm hold on your one or two niches rather than focusing on different niches. It will also help you to grow a particular fan base that will keep coming for your exciting products.
  • After choosing your niches, study the products that are doing well in the market. Check their price range, features, and shortcomings to have a decent idea of the deals. It will also give you an idea about the limitation of your budget while undergoing the project.
  • The next thing to decide is your seller. Through which vendor are you going to introduce your work to the customers? Will you go for online platforms, or you would choose to work with your local vendor? Get in touch with everyone to know about what they care to offer you for your services!
  • The last step is to bring your design to reality and finally, sell them. While designing, always keep in mind the already existing models of your niche. Try to adopt the useful features of them and give a solution to their shortcomings through your product.  Always think from the perspective of the buyer: what unique feature will excite them? Add that to your model!

Examples Of Small Woodworking Projects That Sell

Wooden Trays With Rope

The wooden tray is a very straightforward design. You only need to nail some properly cut wooden pallets. The condition of the pallets will determine the strength of the dish and its usability. The old archaic look of the wood will add an extra dimension to its aesthetics.

Wooden Box

The wooden box is another eye-catchy yet straightforward design of woodwork. Add some color to the outside of the box for more depth. The table can be used to keep any small objects, such as jewelry, pen, pencil, and so on.

Strategies For Small Woodworking Projects That Sell
Strategies For Small Woodworking Projects That Sell


We all hate the juice or tea stains on the tables. So why don’t you make small coasters? All you need to do is nail some small cubical wood pieces and paint them!

Strategies For Small Woodworking Projects That Sell
Strategies For Small Woodworking Projects That Sell

Recycled Key Hooks

Just take a recycled wooden pallet and polish it properly. Now glue some unused keys to the cot and use a hammer to bend the keys in the end. Heating the keys before turning will make the task easier. You can hang your clothes, bags, or key rings on these hooks.

      Providing small woodworking projects that sell is quite profitable in today’s market. All you need is some innovative ideas and a little patience to master it!

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