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Wood Working Gift Ideas, You Need To Try Out

Wood Working Gift Ideas, You Need To Try Out

If you happen to love receiving wood working gift ideas, then the chances are that you would like crafting new gifts for others from scratch. If you are looking for woodworking gift ideas that are not time-consuming, then you need to check these out. Apart from the fact that they are easy to create, some of these gifts happen to come loaded with all the functionality that you need and more. Check them out,

Wood Working Gift Ideas, Trivet

When it comes to designing and creating DIY gifts at a moment’s notice, the Trivet ranks right near the top. This is mostly on account of the ease with which you can create it.

Moreover, it looks elegant, as it graces your dining table. You can use a regular wooden piece an cut the pieces and slats you need. You can also use the extra wooden parts to reinforce the Trivet. The whole piece should be uniform and pleasing to the eye. But the icing on the cake, it can be created in no time at all.

Wood Working Gift Ideas, You Need To Try Out
Wood Working Gift Ideas, You Need To Try Out

Wood Working Gifts, Wooden Amplifier, And Stand

This is an excellent gift for someone who happens to be an environmentalist – they would surely appreciate the thought behind it. Instead of opting for expensive amplifiers, you can use durable, resilient wood to help create the stand. And you can design the position in such a way that you can help boost the music by ten decibels and more.

Elegant Salt And Pepper Shakers

When it comes to woodworking gift ideas, salt and pepper shakers figure right on top of the list. While it is more of a standard gift idea, designing and creating salt and pepper shakers from scratch, should make your gift stand out. Moreover, your shakers would come with an exciting and unique design. It should certainly make for an elegant gift.


Granted that this may not sound like a ‘wow’ gift, but the fact is that everyone needs a spatula at one point or the other. They would need a spatula to cook, to stir in the vegetables, and the list of uses goes on. So gifting someone a wooden spatula would indeed be useful since it would see some usage.

Custom Made Jewelry Box

This is yet another cool woodworking gift idea. You can custom design a jewel box, one that comes with a unique design and an intricately carved lid. Every woman would need such a box to help store her valuables. So gifting someone a hand-carved jewelry box should come in handy.

Wood Working Gift Ideas, You Need To Try Out
Wood Working Gift Ideas, You Need To Try Out

And the best part is that creating handmade DIY wooden gifts for others does not cost you anything. You may have to spend a bit on the materials, but other than that, the rest should be free.

These are some of the fresh woodworking gift ideas that you may want to try out. And you can always check online for more ideas and suggestions as well.

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